Neoprene Material

What is Neoprene Mateiral
There are several different grade Neoprene Mateiral for different application. Neoprene Composition: SBR, SCR and CR. SBR is used in making bags, gloves, covers, koozie, ball, mouse mat, etc. SCR is used in making gloves, pants, diving suits. etc. CR is used in making wetsuits, wader, bikini, clothes, etc.

Neoprene Tech

What is Neoprene Fabric? Let us show you Neoprene Fabric Production Process: 1. Cutting Thick Neoprene Raw Bed Mateiral What is Neoprene Material? Before cutting, Neoprene Raw Material is about 50-80mm thickness. According customers' requirements, we cut it to different thickness. 2. Testing Fabric Before laminating process, we will test fabric in the first place for avoiding break problem. 3. Laminating Fabric and Neoprene Material Taking cutted neoprene material and tested fabric to lamianted machine.


UOO is specialized in Neoprene Fabric and various Neoprene Material Products which has been widely used in diving, surfing, heath care, sports, bags, covers, promotion gifts and other various neoprene accessories within over 15 years R&D and OEM experience. Almost all kind of material could be used for, including normal SBR, SCR, high quality CR, Taiwan CR, Korean CR and Japan Yamamoto CR...etc. For expanding production capacity, we built a new production workshop in Chuzhou, China name Chuzhou Uoo Sport. Some seasoned technicians from our orginal factory were dispatched. It will not only...